Take Your Vibrato Playing to Another Level

You've got how to play a simple vibrato, and actually, it sounds pretty good. But you want to take it further. How can you make this key phrasing element even more interesting? And make it the best it can be. 

Integrating it with other phrasing elements 

The most common combination with vibrato is to do a whole tone bend first. Use that as your base note, then vibrato from that bend. 

Improving vibratos.png

You can also add vibratos to your legatos as well. This is good practice for strengthening your individual fingers. And also make the vibrato sound more fluent from your transition note. 

Doing vibrato with chords 

This sounds so cool and very doable. You need strength in all your fingers so that you can move them together without any of them giving way. 

Practise your vibratos with individual fingers. Making sure you work on your weaker ones more to build up strength. So that each note in your chord vibratos sounds consistent. 

The pitch you are doing your vibrato to

Is it a sharp or flat? 

You may be bending your vibrato from in key to out of key by a semi-tone, or starting from the fret below and bending it to the key. Which would be flattening the note. 

Using it only when necessary 

Get inspired by vibrato guitar playing

Too much of a good thing will diminish how awesome your vibratos. Use it when you want to create that specific feeling in your solo. 

Making sure you are using the right type of vibrato for your improvisation 

Get Inspired 

Try mimicking vocal singers or saxophone players for your vibratos. Listen to how they phrase your singing, and try to mimic it in your lead playing. 

Saxophone players also have wonderful phrasing that you can use to inspire your guitar playing.  

Get Playing 

How to improve your vibrato

Record your vibrato, make sure it's as good as you think it sounds. Then play your vibratos in front of people. Constantly improve it, so you get jaw-dropping faces in front of you. Girls screaming your name. (Or boys.) I've been to John Mayer concerts. The effect of a great vibrato is outstanding. 

You want to be confident and be in control when you execute it every time. So you have consistency. No winging it. You want to be able to create what's in your head onto the guitar every. single. time. 

If you need more help with your phrasing elements or with anything else with your electric guitar playing. Come contact us, we can do an introductory lesson to find out more about you and how we can come up with a program to help you.