Do You Have What It Takes To Learn To Play The Guitar?

By Maurice Richard

You believe that you don’t have any musical talent. You are told your fingers are too short, too long, too skinny or too fat. No one in your family is musical so it’s not in your genes. You tried to play before and you could not figure it out. It takes too long to learn.

So you don’t even try to learn to play the guitar. And there are many other reasons why people believe they can’t learn to play on top of that. You have likely heard some or all of these things.

Is there any hope for you to ever be able to learn to play the guitar?

Yes, There Is Hope For You

Not if you believe any of the myths listed above or any of the many other myths that are propagated these days.

Have you ever noticed that the people who talk about those things are people how have never learned to play the guitar successfully? Have you ever noticed that those who have successfully learned to play do not claim such things?

Who should you believe?

Misinformation Is Rampant

Well, why listen to people who have zero expertise and knowledge on the subject? Why listen to your own doubts and lack of information as well? How could you possibly know if those things are actually true or not? The reality is you likely do not know.

Many people say those things because they are actually making excuses. It is much easier to convince yourself that you can’t do something than to go through with the commitment and possibly fail.

Don’t do this to yourself. Do not sell yourself short.

It Can Be Done If You Chose It

Sure, some people may have specific advantages that will help them learn to play the guitar. That definitely happens but it is rare, but it only helps them learn faster. So just because you do not have and specific advantages before you start does not mean you are not able to do it.

Don’t let real or perceived limitations stop you. If you really want to do it, if you truly want to learn to play the guitar, you CAN do it. Even people with physical limitations can learn to play if they want to do it.

It’s really simple. Chose to do it. Commit to the decision. And follow through on that decision by making time for it and putting the effort and you WILL be successful.

It will take time. It will take effort. But it can be done. I have done it and I have helped others do it. So can you.

How To Guarantee Your Success

Once you have made the decision and you are committed to learning to play the guitar, you can guarantee your success by finding a great teacher.

A great teacher is one who will take charge of your success. They will ask you what your goals are and no matter how big or small they are, they will help you reach them.

This person will care about you and will create a specific plan so that you can reach those goals, and they will help you get there, they will lead you step by step until you get to your destination and finally learn to play the guitar .

So don’t allow yourself to believe that you can’t learn to play the guitar. You do have what it takes. You CAN do it. Chose it!

About The Author:

Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has taught many people how to learn to play the guitar. Visit his website now to learn more and to see if you have what it takes to learn how to play the guitar.