Electric Guitar Lessons London

Impress With Your Electric Guitar Playing

Electric Guitar Lessons London

Do you ever wondered how people play the guitar so effortlessly?

Do you ever felt frustrated by your progress on the guitar? 
Would you like to learn the guitar the fun and easy way? 
Do you want to be able to play your favourite songs?
Have you thought about performing, jamming or playing with other people? 

When you see people play the guitar effortless, you don’t see the effort they put in. It’s easy to get frustrated with your own progress on the guitar.

 This is a common for people who lack guidance from a guitar teacher. We have many students come to us who have been playing for years. They feel lost and unconfident with their guitar playing and want to feel inspired again.

We have helped many people overcome these common problems
with our guitar lessons in London. 

Why has learning to play the guitar been difficult for me? 

Common frustrations with learning how to play electric guitar

You may have been using materials that are not right for you.  Searching for content on the internet, only to get lost in a sea of information.

Practising wrong. Practising is a skill. When you practise well, the results and progress you get is very different.

You may not be on the right path that leads you to your goal. You may be learning things that won't help you in the long term.

Unsure on how long it takes to learn new things. You don't know how long or how hard it is to learn new things. This leads to overwhelmed or boredom. 

You've learnt techniques, but don't know how to use it. You've learnt a lot of great things. But when improvising or transitioning from one thing to other, it gets difficult.

These are all easy problems that we've solved many times before. We will train you with the right techniques and ensure you practise correctly. This will get you the greatest result in the shortest amount of time of learning guitar.

What Happens With Other Guitar Teachers and Why We Are Different

Guitar lesson with us in London!

Guitar lesson with us in London!

    Us at Guitar Tuition East London:
  • You will get the best methods in learning the guitar so you make the most amount of progress in the easiest way.
  • You will gain massive confidence in your own guitar playing.
  • We listen to what you want to achieve and actually help you get there.
  • You get opportunity to play with others to improve your musicianship.
  • We have you playing in lessons as the focus.
Result: You have more fun learning guitar. You stay motivated because you see how fast you are progressing!

With Electric Guitar Lessons London, You Will Get To:

Benefits of learning guitar with electric guitar lessons london

Benefits of learning guitar with electric guitar lessons london

  • Learn a strong foundation for playing guitar so you can confidently play
  • Feel musical when you play the guitar, rather than a copycat
  • Be able to improvise by understanding the guitar
  • Get real time feedback so you can learn how to play favourite songs
  • Confidently play in front of other people by getting experience
  • A proven tested plan for how you progress on the guitar
  • Learn to practise better than you have ever done before
  • Get inspired by being around other like minded musicians

    You will also have the opportunity to come see us for a free introductory guitar lesson.   You can find out how we can help you immediately with your guitar playing.

Common Questions & Answers

Will Electric Guitar Lessons London work for me? 
If you are passionate about music, and committed to becoming a better musician. Then we can definitely help you. 

How can I be confident that I will progress? 
We will get you to play and practise things that are right for you and allow you to advance towards what you want to do.  We will challenge you if required to ensure you improve on the guitar.

How do I know what you are teaching is correct? 
We are part of a group of top international guitar teachers that share techniques and teaching methods. This makes sure you are learning the best method to get you to where you need to be in the most fun way possible. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to playing the guitar? 
This answer how fast you want to see results. We recommend our students to practise at least 20 minutes a day. 

Do you only teach electric guitar lessons? 
Learning how to play electric guitar is only one part of what we do, we also teach acoustic guitar. Learn more at acoustic guitar lessons in London.  

I don't feel that I am musically talented, will I still be able to play? 
Playing the guitar is about the effort you put in. If you are a beginner. You will realise weeks where you practised more, you make more progress.

I really want to get better and more confident playing in a band or in group settings. Would you be able to help me? 
You get dedicated guitar lessons and workshops. So you get the confidence to play in front of others.  You will also  gain experience in listening, rhythm and improvisation as well. 

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Most of our students are based in Stratford. Forest Gate, Mile End, Bow, Hackney, Clapton, Bethnal Green. Islington, Wanstead, Snaresbrook, Limehouse, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street, Newham, East London. 

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