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Watch our video with Darryl to tell you more about how we can help you learn the electric guitar. 

Do you ever wonder how people get so amazing at playing the electric guitar? 
Do you ever felt frustrated by your progress on the guitar? 
Have you thought how you can learn to play and improve at lightening speed? 
Would you like to learn the guitar the fun and easy way? 
Do you want to be able to express yourself through playing your favourite songs or even your own written tracks? 
Have you thought about performing, jamming or playing with other people? 

It's easy to admire the result of someone's hard work and diligence from years of practise and see the amazing result. We see them playing the guitar with such ease and poise. We often neglect to think of the progress they have taken to get to this stage. We only see the resulting event of their success. While we look upon these people, it's easy to get frustrated with our own progress on the guitar. This is a common issue especially for people who lack direction and guidance from a teacher or mentor. We have many students come to us who have been playing for years and feel lost, they feel a lack of inspiration, and are hoping to regain that passion they once had. To feel the enthusiasm of playing and learning. Exploring new and exciting techniques and styles.

Being able to truly master the guitar is something that many of us pursue. We want to do this while enjoying the process, learning in the most easy way while having fun at every stage. It can be frustrating to feel like unable to express yourself, when you don't feel confident playing a song, or feel confident how to translate your ideas into your own music. On top of this, many of us feel nervous when asked to play in front of other people, or performing. This is a very common problem that is very easily solved and we have helped many people overcome this fear. It is the easiest part of our job and also most rewarding too. 

Why has learning the guitar been confusing/frustrating/difficult for me? 

Many people ask themselves this every day. There are various answers to this. For one, you may have been using materials that are  non congruent with your skill level. This can happen for a beginner or advanced player. It's difficult to determine what direction and which materials right for you. You go in search for more content on the internet, books, youtube. Only to get lost in a sea of information. You start learning something, which turns out to be too easy (so it doesn't advance you) or it's too difficult (you just struggle as get frustrated. You may be learning the wrong techniques, which makes playing more difficult in both the short and long run.

You may not be practising correctly. Practising is a skill. When you practise effectively, the results and progress you get is very different to trying to play through songs. 

You may not be on the right path that leads you to your goal. Another common mistake guitarist make is playing songs, or learning techniques that won't help you achieve what you want to do long term. Learning techniques in the wrong order or not in partnership with each other. On top of this, there is also theory as well, that when integrated and understood can really benefit one's playing. This is often missed by guitarist, or they learn the content but do not truly understand it's potential and uses in playing. 

You are confused by what you really want to achieve on the guitar and what your goals are. Playing the guitar has endless possibilities. There is a fountain of styles, tracks, inspiration to take from. Especially with the access one has to the internet. It can be confusing what goals are realistic and achievable. And also what you truly want to do and play on the guitar! Sometimes players don't even know about setting goals, and just get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. 

You could have been getting the wrong timescale for how long the learning process take. Guitarist often have ideas of what they want to do on the guitar, but don't know if it's achievable in that timescale. This can cause overwhelmed or even boredom in the pursuit. Sometimes players can over estimate how long it will take to learn something, and can potentially be progressing on other elements and 

You've learnt content, new techniques, but don't know how to integrate. This is a very common frustration, you've learnt a few great songs, you know a little about theory, can play in a few styles. However, when it comes to improvising or playing what's in your head, or transitioning from one to other. That part gets confusing. Just learning content but not knowing how to integrate can feel extremely frustrating and really limits your ability to advance as a musician. 

To solve all these problems, you need someone to guide you, provide you the right content at the right amount and at the right time. They need to help train you, ensure you practise correctly so you get maximum progress and result for the amount of time you spend practising. Teach you how to integrate that into your playing to ensure that you aren't just learning content, but you can apply that knowledge and technique to new songs, new styles, improvisation, song writing, performing, solos and so much more. 

What often happens with other guitar teachers and why we are different

    Other Guitar Teachers:
  • They don't listen to what you want to achieve long term and create a plan that helps you achieve it and give you random songs to play which doesn't help you achieve what you want to.
  • They don't teach you music theory or teach you way too much, which means you can get confused, not understand it, forget it very easily, waste a lot of time and energy
  • They give you way too much content, at the wrong time, at the wrong level. This causes all the same problems as you just using any internet or app where it causes frustration, overwhelm and confusion and will slow down your progress.
  • The teacher will play and talk more than you do. Maybe they are trying to show off. But this is not productive towards your playing and progress.
Result: You end up frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, not motivated, get bored, get slow progress.
    Us at Guitar Tuition East London:
  • We listen and write a tailored plan to help you not just achieve one goal but all of them so you can feel motivated towards your goal.
  • The right theory is taught at the same time and when necessary to ensure you don't get overwhelmed and that it is fully understood and you are able to integrate it into the playing.
  • The content you will be provided will be relevant towards achieving your goals, and will be given at the right time at the right quantity so you can absorb it fully and integrate it before moving on to ensure you feel super confident with your playing.
  • We have you as the focus and as your time to show what you have worked on so we can coach you and ensure you get instant feedback so you can progress quickly.
Result: You progress fast, and effectively towards your goals. You have fun and enjoy yourself and stay motivated as you see how fast you are progressing!

With us, you will

  • learn a strong foundation for playing guitar so you can confidently play with feeling and expression
  • play the guitar better than you have ever done before
  • be able to improvise by having us teach you the relevant theory and understand behind the guitar
  • get real time feedback so you can learn to play your favourite songs in no time
  • achieve all your guitar playing goals in an effective way while still having fun
  • play confidently in front of other people by getting experience
  • get experience playing in groups, jam sessions and workshops
  • get a tailored plan for you so you can progress quickly
  • have the motivation to practise and practise more effectively and efficiently than you have done before
  • get inspired by being around other like minded musicians who are similar goals to you
  • able to record your very own tracks! Whether it is written by you or as a cover

You also have the opportunity to come see us for a free assessment lesson so you can find out how we can help you immediately with your guitar playing. 

Common Questions & Answers

Will this work for me? 
You need a level of passion for music and playing the guitar so you will commit to coming for lessons and also practising at home. We are experienced in helping people absorb new information and getting them to practise, so as soon as you see the progress you are making, it will help increase your confidence and level of commitment. 

How can I be confident that I will progress? 
We will get you to play and practise things that are at the your level for you, and at the same time slightly beyond, so you can expand your horizon and push your limits to improve on the guitar surely and steadily. 

How do I know what you are teaching is correct? 
We are part of an elite group of over hundred guitar teachers from around the world that share techniques and teaching methods with each other to ensure what I am teaching you is the most up to date, more effective method that you get you to where you need to be in the most fun way possible. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to playing the guitar? 
This answer depends on what your goals are and how quickly you want to achieve them. We recommend our students to practise 20 minutes a day. Because we understand time is important to us. Our teaching ensures that you know how to practise so you can progress in the minimal time possible. 

I don't feel that I am musically talented, will I still be able to play? 
Playing the guitar is about the effort you put in, not talent. If you are a beginner, you will quickly realise those weeks where you practised more, you will make more progress and appear to be more talented. While the more you enjoy the process, the more you will practise too and become a better player. 

I really want to get better and more confident playing in a band or in group settings, such as my church. Would you be able to help me? 
We have lessons and workshops that will definitely help you get more confidence playing in front of others and also be able to gain the listening, rhythm and coordination skills to be able to play with other people as well. 

I want to learn to song write and play while I song, would you be able to teach me? 
We definitely have both the knowledge and facilities to help you learn how to song write. We also provide additional workshops as well that would be highly beneficial. The guitar is also a great vocal accompaniment as well. On top of this, we can help you record tracks that you write as well. 

I already have a guitar teacher, can I still come see you? 
Of course, it is often beneficial to see if we would be a better fit for you. Just contact us for a free assessment lesson by clicking on the button below. 

What our students say about us

Free Bonus

£5.99 Retail 

£5.99 Retail 

Get you free assessment today by clicking on the button below and you will receive our limited offer bonus item. This interview is part of an artist spotlight exclusive to our school where we speak with top guitarist and teacher Goncalo Crespo from Switzerland. We find out his journey into being a full time musician, what is vital to look for in a mentor and also what does having talent mean to a musician. This bonus includes both the video and audio version of this interview! So you can listen or watch our interview to keep it flexible for you. 

You can find out more information about this interview with guitarist Gonçalo Crespo here


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+ Will this work for me

You need a level of passion for music and playing the guitar so you will commit to coming for lessons. And get new information to practise

+ How can I be confident that I will progress?

We wll get you to play and practise things that are at the right level for you.

+ How does it work?

The solution uses a Markdown block...


What styles and genres do you teach for Electric? 
Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, along with Rhythm, Fingerstyle, Finger Picking, Solo/Lead guitar

Do you teach song writing? 
Yes, we have a full program with different options to tailor to your goals. 

Do you only teach electric? 
We also teach acoustic, click here to find out more about how to learn to play the acoustic guitar.  

What age groups do you teach? 
We teach anyone from 5 years old to 85 years old. There really is no upper age limit. 5 tend to be the lowest age we teach from. 

What happens at the free assessment lesson? 
This is where we get to know each other and we find out more about your goals and your teaching style so we can give you the right program and pricing options.